Monday, August 27, 2012

Zentangle Weekly Dare Catchup

I have three weekly dares to post today to play catchup for the last few weeks.

I am in central Florida and we are getting a lot of rain from I have been getting my house ready for a visit from my sister but this morning all was done. I will pick her up at the Tampa Airport tomorrow afternoon. So this morning I sat at the table and let my mind TANGLE. So I did Dares #17, #18 and #19. I still have #20 to finish then on to the Challenges that I have missed. I love these Dares and Challenges I just get behind but oh its fun to play catchup. Gee I do the same thing with my cross stitch, just love my hobbies.

Dare # 18

Dare #17

Dare #19

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  1. marchann - i knew your name sounded familiar :) i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one behind on the zendala challenges - ha! your tiles are lovely - i think squid is one of my favorites and i like how you used it as your central focus in dare 19!